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2010 Wedding Dresses Trends

New Wedding Dresses, Evening Dresses New Wedding Wedding Dress Product Code MW01 New Wedding Wedding Dress Product Code MW02 
  • Wedding Dress
  • Code: MW02
  • Price: 470 USD New Wedding Wedding Dress Product Code MW06
  • Wedding Dress
  • Code: MW06
  • Price: 470 USD New Wedding Wedding Dress Product Code MW13
  • Wedding Dress
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  • Price: 440 USD New Wedding Dress Product Code BRW01
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  • Price: 520 USD New Wedding Dress Product Code BRW04
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  • Price: 470 USD China wedding dresses sales New Product China Evening Dress Product Code BRE02
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  • Price: 260 USD China Evening Dress Product Code PE01
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  • Price: 260 USD China Evening Dress Product Code PE05
  • Evening Dress
  • Code: PE05
  • Price: 260 USD

Best Seller of Wedding Gowns, Evening Dresses, Cheongsam, Bridal Accessories Best Seller - Wedding Dress Sale best seller China flowergirl dress  FG2007-1
  • Flowergirl Dress
  • Code: FG2007-1
  • Price: 60 USD Best Seller - China Qipao EC032
  • Chinese Qipao
  • Code: EC032
  • Price: 156 USD Best Seller China Wedding Shoes Fiona
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Code: Fiona
  • Price: 100 USD Best Seller - Bridal Hat DC13
  • Bridal Boots
  • Code: MB_016
  • Price: 90 USD Best Seller Jacket JAC04
  • Jacket
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  • Price: 71 USD Best Seller - Crown hg07
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  • Price: 32 USD Best Seller - Petticoat PEC04
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  • Price: 26 USD Best Seller - Ring Kissen Ringkissen01
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2011-02-22           written by: Moon Spring
As a little girl I always knew the type of wedding dress I wanted and the type of bride I wanted to be. I wanted a long dress that would outline my body and illuminate my soft brown skin. Now Im finally ready t...
2011-02-07           written by: Moon Spring
NEW YORK—Brides-to-be who dont have the funds, or the stomach, to spend thousands of dollars on a dress theyll wear only once dont have to pass up Italian silk for plain polyester. If youre willing to sift thro...
2011-01-16           written by: Moon Spring
Formal evening wear means something different to everyone. Fortunately, there are social and cultural cues that you can use to determine exactly what should be worn to various events in various areas of the cou...
2011-01-15           written by: Moon Spring
Wedding programs are wonderful keepsakes for your guests, and they fulfill practical needs as well. They show the order of your service and songs, introduce the participants in the wedding, and thank your guest...
welcom to wedding dresses store online
Every girl expects to be the most beautiful bride in her wedding. Here we provide plenty of Wedding Dresses, Evening Dresses, Prom Dresses, Bridesmaid dresses, etc to help you carry out your dream. Having been specialized in custom-made wedding dresses, we can produce dresses in any size and any style. And we have a range of colors to choose, from traditional white colored bridal gowns to other colord wedding gowns. And you yourself can decide your own color according to your preferrence. All of our products are of excellent quality and at cheap prices. We will make every endeavor to satisfy our customers.
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